1 When creating customers, what fields are mandatory?
Full name and Customer Group are the only mandatory fields. All other information is optional or can be added later.
Date of Birth
First name, last name, and a Customer Group
Email/Facebook/Social Media
Shipping and Billing address
2 What is the difference between the Customer import tool and Product import tool?
It is important to note that Customers cannot be updated in bulk. Once they are imported, any changes to the individual data must be done through ERPLY.
Customer import uses a .txt file type
Customer imports are final, they cannot be edited in mass through the import tool.
Both A & B
They are exactly the same
3 What are Customer Groups?
Customer Groups can be used to organize customers for reporting purposes and special discounts.
A way for customers to meet others with similar buying patterns
A way to organize customers (ie “Gold” or “Platinum” buyers)
A way to group customers and users together
All of the above
4 Why would a company use Customer Groups?
A company would use Customer Groups for anything involving multiple customers at once. This can range from mailing lists and discounts to reporting functions.
To sort and filter customers to email them relevant information
To give certain customers specific discounts
To track a single customer’s buying habits
Both A & B
5 What are loyalty points used for?
Customers can redeem collected loyalty points to get specific promotions (if set up).
Bragging rights
“Spend” to get discounts/promotions
Keeping track of important customers and how much they buy
They are how customers are sorted into Customer Groups
6 How are loyalty points gained?
Loyalty Points are set in the configuration for $1 = x points. This can also be set at the Product Group level, where items in a specific group give the customer more or less points per dollar.
$1 = x amount of points
1 item = x amount of points
New customers get a starting amount of points that drain
Each visit = x amount of points
7 Which option is not a promotion that is done through ERPLY?
Promotions cannot be set up to track how many times a customer visits the location.
If a customer spends $x, they get x% off
If a customer purchases 3 of x item, they get the 4th one free
If it is a customers birthday, they are eligible for a special promotion.
If a customer visits 5 times in a week, they get a free item.
8 When setting up a promotion, which option requires action by the cashier?
Automatic promotions require no action by the cashier. They will be applied once the purchase becomes eligible for the promotion.
Promotion is applied automatically
Cashier applies promotion manually
Promotion is applied when a customer hands in a coupon
Both B & C
9 What is the difference between Promotions and Coupons?
Coupons need Promotions, but Promotions do not necessarily need Coupons.
Promotions require a printed out piece of paper to be handed into the cashier
Coupons require a printed out piece of paper to be handed into the cashier
Coupons need to be associated with a Promotion
Promotions need to be associated with a Coupon
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